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You Have Got To Be Kidding!

You finally found it! You have been looking for this shirt for so long. It has been on back order for quite some time, and you finally got word that it’s gonna be arriving. It is more expensive than your usual buy, but it’s completely fine because it’s the one you have been searching for. You are so excited when it finally arrives that you can’t hardly wait to try it on. You take it out of the package and finally get to put it on for the first time. Then, you see something out of the corner of your eye…there’s a tiny snag.

New relationships are just like this new shirt. We have been searching for a loving partner, we get super excited when we finally find the one. We can’t wait to start our new lives and family together. At the time, we are so excited and, in the moment, we are just blinded by the emotion of being in love. Then, just like that new shirt, once we start to enjoy our new found love, we notice a “SNAG!”

For many blended families, the first snag they notice typically has something to do with the children. At first, the snag seems very small. Maybe it’s how our new spouse speaks to our children. It’s different than how we would do it. Over time, as the relationship begins to evolve, the snag becomes even more of a nuisance. It starts to bother us even more. Now, it’s become very clear that they just don’t seem to understand how “we” do things around here. Eventually, we don’t see the beautiful shirt anymore…just the “snag.”

So, how do we handle the “snag?” For some, they might try to ignore it, and that might work for a little while. However, it won’t take too long before it gets caught on something else. Others might try and pull the string out. We all have tried this and have come to know it causes more damage than good. Still, others might try and cut it off. That will also cause even more damage to the shirt. Finally, there are those who would just rather throw the shirt away than to try fixing it. I mean, what’s the point… it’s damaged, right? 

Not necessarily. Not knowing how best to handle a “snag” has the potential to cause a lot of damage now and later. We believe that it’s best to seek help to deal with the “snag.” Why?  Because your family is too important, too valuable not to do what’s best. 

Go back to the beginning of the story…or your story. How did you feel at the start of it all? We are here to tell you, from personal experience, that you have a 100% chance to have a successful blended family. If you seek the proper tools and resources, you have a tremendous opportunity to equip yourself to handle whatever “snag” your family will face. Quitting or throwing it away may seem like the easy way to deal with it, for some. However, it is never the best option. You will eventually have to face the snags. What choice will you make?